Designing a Sustainable Self

Mar 12

Designing a Sustainable Self This week we’ve got Norma Owen, our resident guru for all things workforce related. Her’s is a ‘boots on the ground’ real story about what you need to do to get ready for the new world of work. Over to you Norms … It is quite a statement that Charlie made in his first blog of the series, “You should read these blogs if you...

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Leadership 101

Dec 05 Enjoy!

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Drivers of Change

Apr 26

Here’s a link to today’s blog radio show on the drivers of change we see directly impacting us today.–the-drivers

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What we are up to

Apr 04

Just to let people know what we are up to the past few weeks. We are compiling and editing all the material we used at the Future of Work Unconference in San Luis Obispo. We are doing this to make it more accessible to everyone and spur a new dialog. Watch this space over the next few weeks for interesting news and developments.

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Hildy Gottlieb talks about creating a healthy, vibrant world!

Feb 09

What does it take to create a healthy, vibrant world? Hildy Gottlieb shares a simple framework for creating powerful change in communities and around the world.

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